Credit Services



Comprehensive Credit Administration – modular und integrated

Outsourcing your credit administration gives you the opportunity to optimize your process and system structures. In addition, outsourcing allows you a dedicated focus of your resources on new business generation and efficient customer service.

Credit Services offers you a full range of efficient and flexible credit processing solutions. Our spectrum of services covers the entire value chain of credit processing: from the administration of loan and collateral agreements via the recording of collateral and posting of loans through to the monitoring of payments.

Our state-of-the-art, reliable and scalable IT-Platforms enhance the daily servicing of your credit products, comprising a broad range from plain vanilla to complex structures and collaterals. Moreover, we offer high expertise in both, bilateral and participation transactions.


KYC+ - Your highly automated Compliance-Solution

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the mandatory review of new and existing customers and counterparties, based on regulatory requirements to combat money laundering, terrorism financing and corruption. The new requirements such as the 4th EU-AML-Directive, FATCA, etc. require an increased knowhow level in your company due to the high risk of penalties and reputational damage. Besides, the current level of automation concerning KYC checks in the majority of the companies is significantly low, which causes steadily increasing KYC expenditures.

With KYC+ we have developed a highly automated web-based solution, which is able to continiously consolidate KYC relevant data, based on which different service-levels are generated according to your individual needs. These services vary from single name checks via KYC checks through to our full-service including compliance risk classification. The high automation degree with integrated workflow allows you checking already during client acquisition via an online-request.

Certainly, you can also make use of our ongoing monitoring service. KYC+ fulfills the highest quality standards and provides anytime compliance safety according to the current legal and regulatory requirements! 

Your Benefits

  • You will benefit from our ability to service a wide range of covered products: from plain vanilla through to complex structured loan agreements
  • You will ensure accurate and efficient processing of your credit business
  • You will receive all relevant data for regulatory and financial reporting on time
  • You will obtain anytime compliance safety and a noticeable acceleration of your KYC processes owing to KYCsup>+
  • You will benefit from a state-of-the-art, reliable and scalable system platform
  • You will attain remarkable outsourcing benefits along with significant savings potential
  • You will have always complete transparency and control over services provided to you

Concentrate on your core business, we take over the administration!