OTC / Derivatives Services



Portrait of Service Unit

The OTC / Derivatives Services unit provides trade-life-cycle management and is composed of Operations and IT professionals supporting the complete spectrum of capital markets products.

Our service provision is current, taking into account the realised and evolving regulatory environment impacting this suite of assets.

We provide conventional operations and collateral management services across the following product spectrum:

  • OTC Derivatives: Interest Rate, FX, Equity and Commodity Derivatives
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • FX and Money Market Instruments
  • Exchange-traded Derivatives

EFS offers Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and IT-Application Service Provider (ASP) services, individually or separately, depending upon a client’s requirements.

Products and Services

Our bespoke Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and IT-Application Service Provider (ASP) services are offered separately or bundled according to individual requirements.  We also leverage our expertise by providing consultancy services:



Your Benefits

EFS has a strong and proven track-record in the field of OTC / Derivatives Services:

  • EFS is the successor to WestLB, a significant presence in the global banking and capital markets, which in 2012 transferred the economic risk of its assets and trading positions to a new wind-down institution the Erste Abwicklungsanstalt (“EAA”). EFS retained the relevant middle- and back- office responsibility for the EAA portfolio as it winds down.
  • The unit was pivotal in the restructuring and migration of the WestLB Capital Markets positions, accommodating a number of transfer scenarios within tight timelines, working collaboratively with IT. The Group successfully developed internal capabilities across both systems and processes to accommodate complex transfer scenarios across a multi-client environment, managing the trade migrations without any operational risk loss. A notional volume of €1.2 trillion in OTC Derivatives was managed and migrated with approximately 2,000 counterparties.
  • The Group has also successfully administered large scale OTC Derivative Portfolio sales, from the initial statement of interest from potential parties to the actual successful migration, keeping operational risk to a minimum.
  • OTC / Derivatives Services maintains up-to-date processes and market knowledge in accordance with current market and regulatory practices.

Customers can look to EFS when considering outsourcing to navigate the unfolding regulatory environment, or for specialised capital markets trade-life-cycle expertise.

EFS can reduce complexity. Our scale, track record and commitment to this market can help you safely speed up the transformation of your middle- and back- office processes and IT.